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July 2015
Artspan / Jewelspan Newsletter
edited by Claire Adas 

New Responsive Templates

Only 12% of our members have switched to the new templates, which are viewable on any size platform – mobile (in different size screens), tablet and desktop. 

Why it’s important to switch to the new templates:

  1. More people access the Internet via mobile and phone than desktop: the difference is increasing!
  2. Many people only use phone or tablets to access the Internet.
  3. Half of mobile internet research starts with Google and other search engines.
  4. Google results favor sites that are responsive in its results.

It’s easy to switch: just log in to your Control Panel and click on Website Design. Then follow the prompts. This works for all the old templates including the oldest of all which date from 2002-3 (“Artspan Classic”). Incidentally, after a suitable interval, we will discontinue support for the oldest templates – they require too much support and look out-dated.

We have spent a lot of time designing a one-click system that will move you over to responsive no matter the custom styling you have applied to your design. However, you may still need to tweak the design to make it look right. For example if you used tables to place copy and images where you want them, you will need to remove the tables and rely on the toolbar to set the layout.

Other instances: you may have designed your site with a left-side layout and also left-aligned the navbar items. You will see that the navbar needs to always be in the center and you will probably choose to also center the navbar items.

We have a big percentage of members with side navigation bars. That option is no longer available because you need 100% width for the content of the site. 

Finally, two things:

  1. If you would like a little help,  let us know… [email protected]
  2. Be patient. Your new site will look a little different at first. But you can tweak it. And you will get used to the new look.

Bottom line: we could not stay with the old templates. The world has moved to all sorts of platforms and we have to show properly.



Importance of SEO and community

One of the major advantages Artspan offers over any other website provider is a true community of artists. Each individual site is connected through our home page, which functions as an online gallery. Through our shops, our collections and articles, and our “newest art” gallery, we bring attention to your work. Artspan was founded on the premise that if we all work for the community we will all benefit much more than if we just look out for ourselves. In this spirit, we share your work on a daily basis on our blog and our Facebook page. Communities function best when everyone is involved, and we invite you to become an active member of ours. We recommend that every artist create a professional Facebook profile dedicated solely to their art. We ask that you follow Artspan on Facebook, and that you share our posts and the posts of fellow Artspan artists. The more we share each others’ work, the better it is for everyone, and the more attention we’ll all attract from search engines. We also invite you to make suggestions for what you’d like to read on the Artspan blog, or even contribute content of your own. We have a lot of wonderful art on Artspan, and if we work together we can share it with the world! 

Articles and Collections

In June we published an interview with Katharine Minott.

And with Linda Adato

And Karen Callan

We published an article on the human body and face in art called Body/Image, featuring the work of Sharen VanStarkenburg, Cary Lee, Lance Turner, and Elizabeth Jameson.

And we featured a collection called Cabinet of Curiosities,

Tangled up in Blue

and Cocktails with Artspan

On the Artspan Blog, we posted a series of articles on Art in Films, including Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Seraphine, Big Eyes, Waste Land, and The Gleaners and I.

If you'd like to contribute to the Artspan blog, or would like to be considered for our Five Questions For...interviews, contact [email protected]

Summer Referrals Bonus

June through August, if you refer three new members, you will get 6 free months!  Your referrals will also get an extra free month, which means they will have two free months when they begin. Send people to the Artspan homepage, or, and have them click on the "Join" link in the upper right of the page. They should be impressed with the value we offer. Give them your account number or simply ask them to enter your name in the referrals field.

Artspan picks

The Artspan staff share some of their favorite images from our members' sites.

Denise in Support likes Jeremy Scheuch's funky drawings.

Claire, the content editor, loves Marilyn Canning's mysterious and beautiful photographs.

July Featured Members


Four of our members show off our new templates.

Ilan Adar

Michael Valley

Edwin Abreu

Karen Williams-Brusubardis

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