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May 2015
Artspan / Jewelspan Newsletter
edited by Claire Adas 

Responsive Sites and Changes at Google

Our new responsive-designed sites are our biggest priority, and we expect to launch these within three weeks (and we hope we are being conservative). Many of our members have expressed concern about the changes that Google announced in a blog post at the end of February. There is a bit of misinformation about what this means, so we will try to help clarify.

When doing a google search on a smartphone, Google will rank two similar sites differently if one has a more mobile-friendly design than the other.
As long as your content is interesting and unique this will really not be a problem. Also, this will not affect searches on desktops, tablets etc, which still account for the majority of the search traffic. Having said all this, we recommend that you switch to our new responsive-designed sites, and we are working to make the transition as easy as possible for our members.  

Artspan's got a brand new blog!

This will be a place for the Artspan community to learn what’s new, to share news and work, and to talk to all of the other Artspan members about what’s going on with their lives and their work. We’ll be sharing articles, collections, member news, resources, tips to attract traffic to your site, and a host of other information. We'll feature the work of Artspan artists, and we'll invite our members to share their ideas as guest posters.

Articles and Collections

In April we published an interview with Collage Artist John Craig.

And an exploration of the work of Artspan artists who create and work with boxes.

And we featured collections on printmaking,

abstract photography that makes the ordinary extraordinary,

and strong lines in pencil, ink and paint.

We also posted a collection featuring some of our newer members' work.

Referrals Bonus

In May you will get an extra month free if you refer two new members.  So you will get 3 free months for referring 2 new members. Your referrals will also get an extra free month, which means they will have two free months when they begin. Send people to the Artspan homepage, or, and have them click on the "Join" link in the upper right of the page. They should be impressed with the value we offer. Give them your account number or simply ask them to enter your name in the referrals field.

Share Your News

Alex Tolstoy has a solo show titled: "Waterwork," April 29 - May 31, 2015 at the Foundry Gallery in Washington DC.

Carol MacLeod won first place, color in the Maine Photography Show 2015.
The "Chateau de Penthes," the Museum of the Swiss in the World, in Geneva, Switzerland, is organizing an exhibition commemorating the Armenian Genocide of 100 years ago. They are featuring Peggy Hinaekian's painting, Le Paix en Musique about Swiss/Armenian relations and peace as the main work on display.  

Five of Victoria Pendragon’s works were exhibited as part of the juried Venus Envy show at Gallery 788 in Baltimore, MD. Also, two of her acrylic paintings have been selected to be a part of the 52nd annual Art of Possibilities Show at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis, MN. The show, which features the work of disabled artists, will run from April 30 through May 22nd.


Ilene Reed was chosen as the “Featured Artist” on The National Arts Program Foundation website.

Have any news you'd like to share with the Artspan community? Send it to [email protected]

Artspan picks

The Artspan staff share some of their favorite images from our members' sites.

Denise in Support likes Ariel Freeman's painting The Matriarch.

Artspan director Eric Sparre picked a painting by Jane Cook called Falling Water.

Claire, the content editor, loves Linda Adato's evocative prints of backyards and rooftops.

May Featured Members


Four of our newer members keep it clean with a bright white background.

Kathleen Runice

Slawomir Gora

Marissa Vogl

Alison Cox

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