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November, 2015

Artspan / Jewelspan Newsletter
edited by Claire Adas 


Autumn Newsletter

We hope everyone is having an inspired and inspiring autumn! We've had an exciting season here at Artspan, as ever we're working to build our community and help you share your art with the world.


Improve Your Chances of Showing up in Collections and Articles

Artspan is a community, and we work better as a community when we share each others' art. We do this on Artisan's home page and on our blog through articles, interviews, and collections. We hope that you'll share your own work and the work of others on your own Facebook page, Pinterest page or blog. While we do our best to share as much work as possible, we tend to gravitate to artists who have built a complete and attractive site, who have enabled their shopping cart, and who have their own social media network enabled, so that they can share the work as well. To increase your chances of having your work included in our articles and collections, we recommend that you have:

1) a complete and attractive site
2) work for sale - click "Enable 'Add to Cart' Button" for each image in your artwork library
3) social media implemented - add icons so that people can share to Facebook, Pinterest and elsewhere
4) If you choose to enable watermarks, make them small and at the bottom right of your work
5) Add a bio and a photo in the General Site Settings in your Control Panel

If you need help completing your site or enabling your social media options, let us know… [email protected]


Autumn Referrals Special

Through December, you get one month free if you refer one artist; two months free if you refer two, and FOUR months free if you refer three new artists to Artspan. Our best offer ever!


Articles and Collections


Collection: Doors and Windows


Collection: Surf's Up


Collection: Portraits


An Interview with Sheen Ochavez


Five Questions For: Penelope Przekop


An Interview with Kerry-Fleur Schlepper


Article: 15 Female Photographers You Should Know About


Article: Five Female PaintersYou Should Know About


Artspan's Blog

On the Artspan Blog, we began a series on advice to get your work out there! We had a list of sites that accept fine art submissions, and a list of sites that accept jewelry, wearables, and craft submissions. This month we added a list of resources for artists. 

If you'd like to contribute to the Artspan blog, or would like to be considered for our Five Questions For...interviews, contact [email protected]


Share Your News


Angela Barbalace

won the Excellence Award at the Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition



Ann Marie Whaley 

had two paintings selected for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries. (Above)

Robert Hunter had a digital design selected by the City of Olympia WA as a wrap for a traffic signal box. (below)


Peter Davies

had two paintings pre-selected for the prestigious Columbia Threadneedle Prize in London



Victoria Pendragon

will have paintings appearing in juried shows from coast to coast. 


Have News to Share?

Have news to share with he Artspan community? Send an email to [email protected]


Staff Picks


Dan  Holland

Denise in support likes the contemporary abstract art of Dan Holland


Marilyn Canning

Art director Regan admires Marilyn Canning's hauntingly beautiful photographs.

Albert Neal

Content editor Claire loves Albert Neal's architectural photographs, filled with light and shadow.


Autumn Featured Sites


Betty Krause


June Hankins


Deborah Bowe


Hristi Wilbur