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Artspan Newsletter Summer 2008 | Volume 5| Issue 7
Summer 2008 Newsletter
  Written and Edited
by Eric Sparre
  In this issue:
New This Month
Artspan Blog and Your Marketing
New Referral Program
Coming this Summer
Featured Members: Sarah Earle & Byron Dudley
  New This Month  

We introduced a watermark feature. Just login to your Control Panel. For any images you want to give this additional protection to, click on Edit under the image thumbnail in your Artwork library and then check the Watermark checkbox. You will see your name in the lower left and a copyright image in the center of your image.

June 6 th saw the launch of our new design. It is a much livelier look and we believe it is proving successful in giving visitors a better idea of the variety of content available on Artspan and the member sites. Visitors also have an easier time accessing the content.

If anyone missed the Wall Street Journal article published on June 16, 2008, it’s posted here. The article discusses various ways artists use the Internet. It focuses on Artspan, Etsy and eBay. It’s a well written and informative piece.


  Artspan Blog, Facebook and Marketing Your Art  

Please visit our blog

This was created by Mariana and Nina, with Nina being active in posting a lot of information on how to market your art. Really good stuff and important too. Check out the Tip of the Day…in fact check it out every day. Two things:

  1. please give us some feedback at [email protected]
  2. please send the link to friends…we want to expand the size of our community and its visibility (and the visibility of each member).

Also,join us for discussions about art and share your art links, images and videos at our Facebook page. Here is the link.

Nina will also be starting a regular marketing newsletter which will go out to all members and would love any suggestions as to what kinds of information you feel that you need.

 Referral Program  

Thanks to all of you (125 so far!) who have told us they want to participate in the new referral program. We have sent the referral card design to the printer, and will get the cards into your hands as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can tell any potential new members to use your personal referral code for a free month (you also get a free month). You can find your referral code in the top right hand corner of all your Control Panel pages.

For those who missed the notice of this new program, here is a brief overview:

If you want to receive and then hand out or post some Artspan promotional cards on bulletin boards in your area, we will send you cards. We will stamp your personal referral code on all cards we send to you. Anyone entering that referral code when they do an Artspan application will get a free month with Artspan. You will also get a free month.

In other words, you can post a card on a bulletin board or hand some out, and then forget about them. If anyone signs up with your referral code, you get 1 month free with Artspan. If 12 sign up, you get a year free. There is no limit on free months. And for you, its really no work at all. The cards are post card sized and well designed. Just take some with you when you go out. Please email me if you want to participate.

Coming this Summer  

We are currently switching over to an automated billing system. Next up is to offer a shopping cart option to our members. More on this when its done, but I want to reassure you that this will be voluntary. You can stay with PayPal or have nothing, simply asking prospective buyers to contact you.

Also optional will be the prints initiative which will follow. I have written about that in prior newsletters. If you want to see more, here is the menu of previous newsletters.

It would also be a good idea to take a look at last month’s newsletter, if you haven’t already. It will give you information on the work we are doing to improve your website’s rankings on Google and the other search engines and on what you can do to help. Here is the June letter.


The new Portals, to be launched this week, are Abstract Photography and Black and White Photography. Upcoming Portals are Illustration, Art in Buenos Aires, and, possibly, a Collectors Portal. Regarding the Collectors Portal, we are talking with a consultant with considerable experience in advising collectors as to valuation, insurance, taxation, estate planning and all other matters affecting collectors. We want to attract more collectors to Artspan and to your sites. Nina will travel to Europe tomorrow. We intend to launch additional European Portals. Again, any thoughts, please email her.

 Featured Members  
Sarah Earle
Mixed Media and Encaustic

Artist and graphic designer Sarah Earle on her work, “My current body of work explores two of my artistic passions - typography and painting. As a professional Graphic Designer, I am immersed in the creative but regimented use of type on a daily basis. Incorporating these ideas into my encaustic paintings, I create a unique contrast between the lose flow of paint against the rigid layout of text.”

Byron Dudley
Photography and Mixed Media

American art photographer Byron Dudley on the Hennepin Canal in Illinois which he sees as dividing the predominately rural West from the more urban East, “For just over one million miles and eight years as a Professional Truck Driver and Fine Art Photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to visit most of North America. The Hennepin Canal is one of my special places. I think of (it as) a place of Sanctuary.”

 Legal and Other  

Copyright 2008. Artspan LLC. All rights reserved.

All /images are the property of their respective owners. The opinions expressed in this newsletter do not necessarily reflect those of members.

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