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March, 2016

Artspan Newsletter
edited by Claire Adas 


Spring is in the air!  The world is coming to life! The creative juices are flowing! We're working on some exciting new changes here at Artspan to make our sites more attractive and accessible to artists and art buyers. We're hoping to strengthen our community, and make it easier for our artists to share and appreciate each others' art, and to get your own work out into the world.


Three Tips to Attract Traffic

1.Offer originals and prints of your work for sale using our integrated shopping cart and our Prints-on-Demand program. This way you'll show up in the shops on our home page.

2. Remember to feature your work. Click the star in the artwork library for each image you want to feature.

3. Set up Facebook and Instagram accounts dedicated to your art. Link them to your Artspan site.


New Design Themes

We're excited to announce the introduction of new design themes for Artspan sites. The new themes will incorporate popular design options such as full-screen panoramic views in the gallery, and fluid transitions from image to image. As ever you'll be able to customize the template with the click of a button. We hope to have the new templates available within the next few weeks.


Help Us Help You to Sell Your Art

If every Artspan member offered their work for sale on our site, by enabling their shopping cart or joining our Prints-on-Demand program, we would have an inventory of art to rival the premier online gallery sites of the world. This would attract art lovers, designers, and collectors to our home page and increase traffic to each artist’s site. We would become a destination for anyone wanting to buy art.

As it stands now, only 2% of the art on our members’ sites is available for sale, which doesn’t represent as much of a draw to people looking to buy art. If we could set even 50% of the artwork on our sites available for sale, it would be a huge advantage for our community as a whole, and for each individual artist.

 It couldn’t be simpler, simply click “enable add to cart” for each item you wish to offer for sale.

  • We take no commission on sales made through your site, and only 10% commission on sales made through the shops on our home page.
  • We are the only artist website provider to offer a prints-on-demand program integrated into your site…we take care of printing, framing and shipping.
  • Once your work is available for sale it shows up in our home page shops, increasing visibility and traffic to your site.

  Any questions of concerns? Contact us at

Jerry's Artarama, one of the nation's leading suppliers of equipment for artists since 1968 partners with Artspan to offer discounts to our members.



Thank you to everyone for your entries. The curated group show New and Now 2016 featured the work of Laurie MacMillan, Jamie Azevedo, Mike Maron, Pia De Girolamo, and Alex Tolstoy.


Call for Entries: Landscapes, Real and Imagined

We're looking for entries for a curated group show. Any medium, any size, show us a landscape,

whether it's in your backyard or in your head. The show will be posted on our home page and our 

blog and shared on Facebook. Send entries to


Website Makeovers

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in having a Website Makeover!  If you sent me a request to look at your website, rest assured that I hope to get to each and every site that was submitted, if only to make a few suggestions for how to proceed.


We did makeovers on the sites of Evans Robinson Jr., Lori Latham, Victoria Pendragon, and many others. If you want to take a stab at redesigning your own site, send me before and after screenshots, and I’ll give you some suggestions and feature your site here on the blog! Let me know if you’re working on your site atBe sure to make use of the tutorials in your control panel.


Articles and Collections

Interview: Kay Smith


Interview: Dan Murphy


Interview: Pauline Fowler


Collection: Hot Wax


Spring Referrals Special

This spring you get one month free if you refer one artist; two months free if you refer two, and FOUR months free if you refer three new artists to Artspan. Our best offer ever!


Artspan's Blog

Check out Artspan's blog. We share collections, articles, tips on sharing and selling your art, and inspirational stories.


Have News to Share?

Have news to share with the Przm community? Send an email to


Naoko Morisawa

was chosen by the City of Seattle for a temporary art project, and won an award  from a local non-profit art management program for a 3D art installation commissioned for Amazon campus to decorate a show window.


Valerie Burke

has an image included in "A Hope, a Prayer and a Dream" - a Wheat Pasting Exhibit for Main Street Projects, during the upcoming Foto Fest 2016 in Houston, Texas.


Miriam Stern

has a one woman show at Congregation Shomrei Emunah, 67 Park St., Montclair, NJ 07042. She is also part of a group show called Sacred Spaces, Holy Places at Nails in the Wall Gallery at St. Lukes in Metuchen, NJ. Both run until May.


Pauline Fowler

will have a large body of work at the Iona House Gallery in Woodstock, UK, from March 5 to April 7.


Roger Aslin

will have a solo show at the Hay Hill Gallery in Westminster, UK, from February 29 to April 2.


Staff Picks


Marketing Manager Regan admires the work of Elnora Nokes.


Denise in support loves the work of Detlef "Dego" Gotzens.


Featured Sites


Alex Ashikhmin