M. Wheeler Pease Art

"HRH Elizabeth TyndallStone"

"HRH Elizabeth TyndallStone" depicts the family matriarch in all her regalia.
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 20" x 16"
Original $895.00 Simple Gold Frame
(Prints Available)

The following is the abstract of her upcoming novel: TyndallStone - The Story:

The TyndallStone family once ruled the hearts of human beings and lived on every continent. Presently, the few that remain live in Canada in their invisible village just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Normally, they are not recognized as the benevolent ancient ones whilst they are in the proximity of humans, Should a TyndallStone wish to be seen, he or she will appear only in Winter in the form of an arctic hare, They have no descendants younger than 999 years of age. An anxious sadness prevails at TyndallStone because of this cheerless situation.

A non-human creature, their antique foe, Volos, whose lineage is equally deep in time as the TyndalStones, is perilously close to finding them. He has a large family and many more are to be born. The balance of power is soon to shift should Volos' serpent-like minions discover Tyndallstone's village. It is Fall and warm sunny days keep them actively searching for the village.

An ancient message path has been opened by the oldest member of the village and the dire circumstances of the TyndallStones clearly communicated to three fairies sleeping beneath a deep blanket of snow far north of the arctic circle. A single bell above the snowy landscape has been ringing anxiously. It is time to rustle about and call upon the great white lion, the once protector of the TyndallStones, before it is too late. They head south to the isle west of the old continent of Europe. The fairies see his dwelling place in the distance.

The mound is overgrown now and none but the fairies know he dwells within..........

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