Marie Koo

The Devil Drives an Ice-Cream Truck

Oil on canvas 38" x 56" (2014)
The inspiration came from a sugar/slave trade exhibit at the New York Historical Society. I was really struck by the contrast between the pastel colors and demure shapes of vintage sugar advertisements (purity and goodness); and the bright colors and aggressive shapes of makeshift Hoodoo guardian status made by escaped slaves (coarse and uncivilized). Cultural prejudices have long roots that enable the flourishing of hell on earth.
The demons here reference the 1863 edition of Dictionnaire Infernal illustrated by Louis Le Breton:
Beelzebub – Prince of demons, Pruflas – demonic duke of discord and falsehood, Moloch – requires child sacrifices, Rahovart – miserly companion of Satan, Adramelech - supervisor of Satan's wardrobe, Ukobach – charged with maintaining the oil in the infernal boiler.

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