A reflection on spring 2020. Art made about and during our pandemic quarantine.
Political art from Artspan artists.
Photo realism in drawings and paintings from Artspan artists
Artspan artists explore evocative afternoon light in paintings, photographs and drawings.
Artspan artists explore the subject The Voyage Out in paintings, mixed media works, photographs and stitchings.
Archival quality modern art prints in a wide range of styles and prices. Mats and frames optional.
Paintings prints and photographs of leaves.
Photographs and paintings of the great American West
Paintings, photographs and prints on the subject of harmony
A collection of art prints, paintings and photographs on the subject of fish
Paintings and photographs exploring the subject of Water.
Mischievous, respectful, and thought-provoking. Artspan artists re-examine some of the classics. Originals and fine art prints.
Paintings, photographs and fine art prints of New York city
These bouquets will last forever!
Getting piggy with it! Celebrating the Year of the Pig with Artspan artists.
Celebrate the frosty beauty of the season with our ice-cold collection.
Honorable mentions from our Artspan competition on the subject of Conflict
Take a dip into our summer artwork collection.
Spots, polka dots, and patterns
Congratulations to the honorable mentions in our Rebirth-themed artwork contest! Browse the rebirth paintings and pictures below.
Fantastical and bizarre beasties.
Unusual Still Life Photographs and Paintings from the Artspan community.
Abstract city art and surreal cityscape paintings and photos.
"It is the time you have spent on your rose that makes her so important." Antoine de St. Exupery Incorporate this beautiful flower into your home with paintings and pictures of roses.
Greetings from Artspan's headquarters in Lambertville, NJ, sister city to New Hope PA, and epicenter of good art for decades! Decorate your home with a Lambertville landscape painting.
This fabric and pattern artwork features embroidery, quilting, weaving...unexpected stitches from Artspan artists.
Delicious food wall art and kitchen artwork for sale.
Paintings and Artwork Make Great Gifts 2017
Archival quality fine art photos and photography prints at affordable prices
Ladders, steps, and stairways art
Joy of the season to you! Christmas and holiday-themed prints and original art from Artspan artists.
Artspan artists explore Pantone's color-of-the-year 2018 through purple art
Original paintings, drawings, and other original artwork for under $150.
Span your walls with paintings and photos of bridges from Artspan artists
Put a little joy on your walls with affordable, archival-quality happy art prints. Artspan's collection of happy artwork is sure to bring a smile to your face.
For the best in bovine art, check out these cow paintings.
Heart themed art commemorating St. Valentine's Day.
Ceramic vessels, bowls, vases, mugs & pots
Artspan artists explore the power of humor in these funny art pieces.
Gorgeous original artwork from trending artists for under $1000.
You can never have too many tomatoes, or paintings of tomatoes.
Flower artwork in bloom!
Black and white artwork for sale: prints, paintings, drawings and photographs in glorious black and white.
Celebrate lazy summer days with these paintings of porches.
Relive memories of your travels with the Artspan Travelogue and buy travel-themed artwork. First stop: Italian-inspired art.
Artspan's paintings and photographs of rain: celebrate rainy days and nights.
Relive memories of your travels with the Artspan Travelogue and find travel-themed artwork for sale. First stop: Spanish-inspired art.
Grace your walls with gorgeous, affordable original artwork from up-and-coming artists for under $500.
Traditional and Unusual Contemporary Pet Portraits
Food and kitchen themed art for the walls of your foodie friends.
Artspan Travelogue part 3: French-inspired art.
The animals we love in affordable fine art prints.
Fine art prints of urban landscapes and architecture.
A common thread connects art of many genres.
Pictures of women by women.
An exploration of light and shadow
A visual exploration while wandering off the beaten track.
In the absence of color, something remains.
From overt messages to subtle signs, Artspan member sign art and photographs of signs will point you in the right direction.
Who says buying original artwork has to break the bank? Browse our selection of original artwork priced under $100. All works can be purchased at Artspan SHOP Originals.
A Fowl Collection
Fallen angels, strange angels, modern angels, guardian angels: all the hosts of angels be our guide!
Some of our cuddly friends.
Artspan member work takes flight with soaring depictions of our feathered friends.
Pantone's Color of the Year 2017. Greenery artwork is refreshing, revitalizing and symbolic of new beginnings.
This whimsical, child-friendly art depicts toys, games and fun for the walls of your nursery or child's room.
Peaceful summer meadows, pastures and creeks.
Artspan's collection of vertigo artwork includes dizzying landscapes by independent painters and photographers.
Geometric Paintings & Wall Art: Angles, Lines, Corners and Edges.
The best of Artspan landscapes and cityscapes
A tribute to the heroes of 9/11 from Artspan artists
Storefronts, markets, and the view from the street.
A California road trip with Artspan artists.
Got that one area of your home crying out for a square work of art? Look no further!
Check out what's new in our print shop! We offer printed paintings and photographs from the Artspan community. Buy affordable, archival quality fine artwork prints.
Artspan artists celebrate gathering in art, nature, and life with groups and collections artwork. Browse our selection of independent art for sale online.
Warm Your Walls with Fiery Art
Sculptures and contraptions from the Artspan collective
Ordinary objects and surfaces become beautiful from a new perspective
Artspan's On the Move collection includes impression and motion art in various styles and mediums. Buy independent artwork from artists around the world!
This curated group art show work has been created to share Artspan's best abstract photography & paintings. Check out our selection of abstract artwork now.
Artspan Marketplace's selection includes a variety of pencil, ink and charcoal drawings created by independent artists. Shop line art originals and prints.
Artspan Marketplace's selection includes a series of theatrical artwork by independent artists. Support the arts and buy original paintings online today!
Umber, Sienna, rust, sepia, ochre: Artspan offers warm color paintings and other warm earth-toned artwork to keep off the autumn chill.
Artspan artists explore the art and pleasure of dance through artwork and paintings of dancing.
Artspan artists explore the painterly expression of music with art depicting music.
Artspan artists explore what it means to start anew with this collection of new beginnings art.
A chilling collection of winter-themed works by Artspan Artists.
Exploration of fall foliage and landscape paintings with autumnal hues in Artspan's autumn artwork
A selection of work from some of our newer members showcases contemporary art.
From national parks to city parks, Artspan artists take you on a picnic with modern landscape art.
Span your walls with paintings and photos of bridges from Artspan artists.
Artspan artists serve up a delectable array of images on the subject of feasting
Petals, sunshine, and showers: You can never hold back spring. Celebrate with spring landscape art.
Red wall art just in time for Valentine's day: warm vibrant images in shades of red.
Artspan artists bring some sunshine to your walls
Sun, sand and sea from around the world.
Dreams, reveries, and visions.
A journey through the year of artists featured on our Facebook page.
Exploration of the beauty of nests and of eggs in every form.
Check out the new artwork prints in our print shop! We offer printed paintings and photos for sale from the Artspan community. Buy affordable, archival quality fine artwork prints.
Summer solstice art vibrant images of the midsummer solstice
Artspan artists find beauty in less-populated spaces.
Bones and bugs and winged things.
Artspan photographers capture the striking beauty of these natural subjects.
Shop our selection of tree roots, trunk, branches and leaf paintings. Winter, spring, summer, fall; tree wall art is great all year round.
Call it the gloaming, twilight, dusk, or sunset, Artspan artists celebrate the haunting light of the magic hour with sunset art.
Surf's up! Check out this collection of surf and ocean art.
Eclectic mixed media art depicting strange structures and crazy contraptions
History inspired artwork depicting personal history, political history, nostalgia, memories, and dreams.
Some of Artspan's female Mixed Media artists feature feminine artwork and paintings of women.
Artspan's equine adventures aren't complete without horse portrait paintings. Shop our horse prints and artwork for sale.
Buy icily beautiful winter artwork online. Browse our collection of snow scene prints and paintings.
A selection of unique portrait prints and paintings. Shop portrait artwork for sale direct from new and undiscovered artists.
A celebration of our members' new original art from 2016!
Artspan celebrates Earth Day with an environmentally-conscious collection of member works. Shop environmental artwork for your home to celebrate Earth Day every day.
Life on the farm has never looked so good. Decorate your home with farm, animal and food art to remind yourself of simpler times.
These paintings with yellow coloring feature bright summery notes of yellow and gold.
Photographs manipulated in collage and mixed media artwork.
Fiber and textile art, art quilts, and textured wall art all express the beauty that makes up The Fabric of Our Art collection.
Skies, seas and shadows: shop cool blue paintings, photos and wall art for the hot summer days and nights.
Fine art prints in sophisticated muted tones.
Say ahoy without even opening your mouth with nautical paintings and photos from our boat artwork collection.
Our home interior pictures and paintings feature art of homes and evocative interiors from Artspan's photographers and painters.
Out the door and through the window. The possibilities are endless with our door and window artwork.
Browse our encaustic paintings and mixed media to find the perfect encaustic wax art for your home or office.
Celebrate Halloween all year round with spooky paintings and eerie artwork for your home.
Beautiful modern abstract art prints available from our prints-on-demand shop.
Cityscape paintings and pictures from the real to the surreal. Browse city-themed art below.
Makes your walls glow with illuminating paintings and photography. View luminous artwork from independent artists.
A spirited collection of drink themed paintings and photos. Browse cocktail wall art.
Artspan's featured prints, paintings and photographs for the week of May 27 to May 31.
A day of remembrance
Buy street photography from around the world and vibrant city life artwork, in black and white and color.
A celebration of printmaking, the Artspan community offers these artwork prints for sale. Buy fine art prints from independent artists.
Transport yourself to another place with abstract landscape paintings and photographs.
These unique and unusual artwork pieces will take you on a journey to bright impossible worlds. Shop interesting wall art for sale from independent artists.
Strange paintings, portraits, and faces: Masked, Distorted, Dissipated, Hidden. View unusual art for sale.
Artspan artists explore the subject of Isolation.
Shop artwork online and celebrate everyone who works
Dreams take hold and things go bump in the night in these night time paintings and photos. View dark artwork for sale below.