Art Donovan

"Event Horizon" table light

"Event Horizon" by Art Donovan. Artist. Created before the historic photo of the Black Hole was published. Here, a new category which can best be described as, "Modern Scientific".

Years of art and industrial design experience influence Donovan's new collection of evocative, sculptural lights.
Intriguing geometry and a streamlined surface support the multiple, Industrial details. The 'Event Horizon' comfortably fits within the "Industrial / Steampunk" aesthetic, understandably , as Donovan is considered the world's foremost authority on the visual genre having pioneered the movement and continues to do so with retro-futurism

Here with the 'Event Horizon', the warm hand-stained hardwoods and hand satin-ed brass are featured often in Donovan's work and are considered his proprietary hallmarks. The Event Horizon features a Lucite globe supporting arcs of bronze and brass. Curved plates reflect and refract the light of the globe bulb, then concealed gracefully behind two brass disks, both front and back. "Event Horizon", alludes to the mysterious, unseen light of a "Black Hole". The post is of deep slate gray, solid maple resting on a 24kt gold-plated and black matte, maple base plate .

Writer Simone Cortez Gray calls Donovan's new collection;
"A remarkable example of Donovan's genius for employing contemporary geometry with striking retro-futuristic elements!".

The globe bulb is obscured front and back by a circular "veils" of bronze and the light echoes back and forth in the gold and glass reflections. An orbital kind of movement is nicely implied by the shield's different diameters and materials- Solid bronze on top and a hexagonal brass mesh in front. A forward trajectory pierces the glass globe like an arrow.

Smoked gray maple. 24K plated brass and bronze.

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