John L Baker Art

The Red Word

Catalog Number: R-054
Titled by Artist: Yes
Signed by Artist: Yes
Date: 1951
Original Medium: Oil
Original Substrate: Masonite

Accompanying Story from John...

"This painting represents the spread of Communist propaganda through Western Europe after World War II

The farmers and workers who were recovering from the hardships of war do not know how to take this White Knight charging forward on a powerful, Red Horse.

Is he a savior or an enslaver?

They have been told that all the destruction of war was caused by the Capitalists.

The propaganda machine is symbolized by the jaw bones, and is spreading the golden story of Faith, Hope, and Charity (cross, anchor, and heart). Justice, Equality, Literature, Music, Art, Architecture and other things are shown in the golden stream.

The truth, which is seen in the red stream at the bottom of the painting, is transformed as it travels through the propaganda machine.

The peasants, standing in awe, see only the White Knight and his powerful horse. No word is given to them about the truth behind the Iron Curtain, symbolized by the wall, which hides from view, the fallen and trampled banners of conquered nations: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, etc.…

The Bible is in ruin, the scales of Justice are broken, rats are in the grain, and the wheat is black. The people are enslaved, and starving. Freedom and Democracy are unknown or greatly impeded.

This painting was started in 1950 after seeing and testing some of the movements in Western Europe.

The result, or success of the Knight with white mask and white robe is still in question."

-John L. Baker

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