Estefanita L Calabaza

Blue Corn Maiden

Estefanita L Calabaza
This artist is a member of South Western Association for Indian Arts
Corn Maiden Series is a collection of 6 paintings representing all directions according to Keres Puebloan cosmology. Each direction, East, North, West, South, Zenith and Nadir, is represented by its correlated color which is focused within the tablita stair step design (center-top).

Each painting in the Corn Maiden Series depicts an interpretation of what each cosmological direction realm/world looks like. Each realm depicts a balance of peace and harmony with the cosmological direction. The Corn Maiden is represented by her respective color associated with the direction and her beauty is depicted with the symbolic imagery of the Puebloan tablita. The spirit lines that are seen on Santo Domingo Pueblo pottery lines are used within each of my paintings, these lines also inform the viewer of the directional realm being represented.

Oil and Cold Wax on Arches Oil Paper. Powder graphite, Ebony drawing pencil, Markers, Powdered Marble.

Under layer is where lining and designs are created, followed by texture/dimension, use of powdered marble for added texture, etching through paint to show underlying layers and lines.

16” x 12” x ¾”

Unframed, Mounted on cradled ¾” Gessobord.

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