Group Show: Digital Art


"I have spent an inordinate amount of time in dark, airless rooms pursuing an unforgiving, somewhat inflexible and completely seductive muse in my quest to create traditional film based photographs. However, one cannot be a Luddite forever, and recently I embraced the digital realm which is challenging, forgiving and liberating with its almost endless array of shooting and editing options that enables practitioners to more completely fulfill one's vision.  

With my darkroom work, many of my images were unique given the variables of the chemical based process. With my digital work, I am still amazed that once I finalize the image, I can create an endless number of exact prints. Which is part of my philosophical issue with digital, it still seems like I am cheating a bit.  But I am, as they say, having a blast learning the digital realm."

Elephant and Camel




Hand, Two Bugs


Who's Watching




"The digital paintings are based on photographs I take, some photos I leave alone, others I see as a certain style choice. Being a digital artist allows me to play with ideas and styling. The images from the "digital art" gallery art are still based on my photography, but are edgier concepts. Subject matter plays into my choices of how I see these in my head. What tells the story I want to express."


On the Edge 



 Blood Temperature


4 Views on a Barn







"A digital camera is my translator of my thoughts, it captures how I see
the world and helps process my ideas. I often create compositions by
scanning and manipulating hand drawn sketches, combining my own
photography with various found image fragments and digitally drawn
elements. Although I have worked in traditional media, including drawing,
painting and sculpture, I continue to use the computer, and its
applications, as a creative tool for digital art."


Please Stand By



Morning Rush Hour


White Yellow Orchids


 P.S. Trio 1



"My digital photography has been heavily influenced by my years working in film photography. Many of the techniques and tools I used in film easily translated to digital. However, digital has allowed me to explore a variety of different avenues in my work that I could not as easily have done in a traditional film environment."

Migration at Twilight


 Night Watchmen






"Beginning with photography and using digital manipulation I create abstract art. Starting with photographs of real places I have visited both near and far and incorporating bits and pieces of my own paintings and prints each digital piece becomes a journey to discover a new place that my imagination takes me to."


 Creation of Light


Amonites Billboard


Creation of Diversity




George Trimitsis’ art reflects his formal education in the sciences, and 
his fascination with poetry and mythology. He belongs to a contemporary 
generation of artists for whom the computer is the primary tool in the 
art-making process. In his case, the computer enables him to create artwork 
using a multitude of fragments (unit cells) from photographic/scanned 
images, or de novo. The completed artworks generally lie somewhere between 
fact and fiction, reality and imagination, art and science. The ambiguity 
built into the artworks is an element that Trimitsis consciously seeks to 
incorporate in them. He believes that abstract or semiabstract art is in 
many ways a reflection of life itself with all of its ambiguities, 
unpredictabilities, and surprises.

 Endless Forms




Distant Past, Near Future




"My style is unique. First I create a fractal image using one set of fractal software and then I begin the "Metamorphosingprocess using Photoshop as my base program. My artwork is called "Stylized Fractal Art," and to my knowledge I currently am the only person in the world working in this style. All of my work is Dye-Infused onto high gloss aluminum and is limited edition. I go to great lengths to make my artwork not look like it is computer generated."
Inflight Imagination
Color Points