New & Now 2016

Welcome to our group show NEW & NOW 2016.
Thank you to everyone who entered. We received much wonderful art! In the end we selected this group of five diverse artists, some trying something new, and some perfecting an established genre and  medium.
Chance of Rain
Multiple Choices
My work is concentrated in two areas, abstract landscapes and abstract paintings inspired by botanicals.  My love of the natural world is concerned first with beauty, but also with the transitory nature of both living things and the condition of the planet. 
Of late, the landscapes are trending a little more realistic, while the botanically inspired pieces are taking on even more nonobjective organic forms.  Go figure! 
These images reflect a new direction I am heading in with my work. They are all cyanotype/collage mixed media images.  
Being from the south, I am fascinated with history, antiques and quilting.  My grandmother used to make the most beautiful quilts out of her old dresses and they are still in my cedar chest today.  Holding them immediately connects me back to her and those carefree childhood days.  My hope is that these new works will connect the viewer with parts of their personal or our collective past and provide them with a sense of romanticism and nostalgia.
Orange Overalls
I live in South Portland, Maine and have recently been drawing inspiration from the lobstermen who work along the Maine coast.  I have always been fascinated by paintings that depict a way of life at a given time and wish to do the same for viewers in the future. 
During the past several years I have been doing a lot of traveling in mountainous regions and places with interesting geological formations. I began exploring what made these mountainous places beautiful and mysterious to me and embarked on an ongoing series of paintings in which massive forms, expansiveness and the sense of gravity dictated how I used color and shape. I work from memory and refer only occasionally to my travel sketchbook, photographs, and smaller preparatory sketches to guide the creation of the painting, leaving room for chance and intuition to enter into the process.
This is titled "Three Trees and a House" -- rather like looking for Waldo. This is a continued direction forme (watercolor landscapes) but is a winter scene
for the season.