Harmony Contest: The Winners

 We're delighted to announce the winners of our contest on the subject of harmony. We  had so many beautiful submissions. We had explorations of natural harmony, musical harmony, artistic harmony, interpersonal harmony, and spiritual balance. Our artists have played with ideas about balance of color and form to present a harmonious display for the viewer.


Pat Saunders-White

“Riverwalk” was inspired  by the Big Thompson River that is fed by the runoff of snow from the Rocky Mountains where I live. The water is crystal clear in most spots and I could see the stream rocks clearly as I walked along.  It gave me a great sense of peace and a connection to the natural harmony of nature. 


Emese Cuth
Venus as a Boy
Pencil on Paper
24 X 38

"Harmony is being with my husband, somewhere quiet, preferably out in the middle of nowhere somewhere, surrounded by nature. Not doing anything special, just being together, in peace and perfect harmony, quietly giving thanks, because a love like ours is so rare, special and hard to find. I give thanks for this every day. For this harmony within my soul. For being able to look at his beautiful face every day. Watch him as he relaxes with our two cats after work. Listen to our favourite music together. Read my book while he’s reading the news. Go on adventures and discover the world around us together. To me this is perfect harmony."

Charles Jos Biviano
The Winter Wild
Acrylic on Canvas

"Jos's paintings glorify Nature and evoke the transcendental images celebrated by the nineteenth-century Hudson River and Luminist Schools of Art. Jos's landscape paintings are marked by forceful and dramatic displays of light & shadow, intense color, and Turner-like atmospheric effects. Jos's compositions push the viewer for an emotional response. His work often depicts the land with no elements of human intervention."

Miriam Stern
Black & White II
21.25 X 30

"These prints combine images from Dead Sea mineral deposits that are white, with lava formations on Santiago Island in the Galapagos that are black. Although these places are at different ends of the earth and were formed by different forces of nature, they were similar in texture and form. The difference was color."

Leslie Tejada 
Inscape #1 Effulgence
watercolor & acrylic on resined paper mounted on wood panel
24 X 20

"Living in the woods of Oregon, my unconscious storehouse of images is replenished daily by nature’s patterns, textures and rhythms, which transmute into the many layers of my paintings. These layers create a sense of depth and literal or metaphoric space, inviting the viewer into the silence of painting for exploration and inward journeying."

Mimi Jensen
Oil on Canvas
20 X 24

Mimi Jensen's Still Life Harmony celebrates the harmonious union of light and shadow, shape and form.