The Voyage Out Contest: The Winners

We're delighted to announce the winners of our contest on the subject of The Voyage Out. We had so many beautiful submissions. We had literal voyages, metaphorical voyages, voyages into memory, art,  and color. We had collage, painting, photography, and stitching. Join with Artspan artists on their Voyage Out.

See the collection of all entries here.

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Brian Patrick Adams

Brian Patrick Adams

Hand cut collage on found Litho Print 2017
20" x 16"

Brian Patrick Adams tells visual stories with the use of collage and mixed media. His images are imagined stories based upon narratives he creates using religious, mythic, and historical icons. In Houseboat he imagines a fantastic journey for an unlikely group of characters.

Peg Grady

24" X 24"

Peg Grady's beautiful and witty stitchings use an old-fashioned medium to express timeless and contemporary questions and observations. "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home."

Pia de Girolamo
Parco della Villa Ada

Acrylic on canvas
30" x 40"

"Not faithful representations of specific scenes, they are as much suggestions of an interior voyage of memory and feeling as reflections of an outward voyage to another place, with its distinctive history,  architecture and environment. The characteristic domes and bell towers, the umbrella pines and cypresses, the warm and strong colors became the language I used to create a sort of dreamscape that conveys the feeling of place."

Bridget Anthony-Hlioui
Cold Cheek


"This shot evokes memories of those hours spent with my cheek pressed up against the car window as a kid."

Laurie MacMillan
Blue Beyond

Acryllic on Canvas
30" X 30"

"My paintings are inspired by the earth's uplift and weathering,  the plant world's growth, decay and rebirth, and the beauty of the natural world."

Look for the announcement of a new contest soon!