Infinity Ocean Moods, a Solo Show for Juan Flores

In Juan Flores' vibrant paintings, which evoke dreams and legends, you find yourself floating out to sea, looking back at the glowing shore and lost in memories and visions. "In my paintings I aim to recreate the feeling of distance from the shore (from everyday life?) and the dance of sky and shore reflections on the water which is always changing with the infinity ocean moods.

"My newer works synthesize and illustrate a vision rooted my past. I use intense colors to make vanishing memories vivid images and recapture a fading dream or a distant event."

Cardiff Tower

"My art career started after I retired. I am self-taught, if you discard the many years of architectural and urban design work. Because I have always been attracted to art and design, my art formation is the result of learning from other artists, reading biographies, and viewing artists’ works in many museums across the country and abroad. 


"Painting has been a true adventure of discoveries for me. At the onset, it was linked to my love of surfing and being out in the water taking in the peace and beauty of the moment. Then, it evolved into recapturing memories of my life in Venezuela, my travels, and reflections of experiences with people. Because of this I have a strong emotional connection to my work.


"The death of Feliciano Carvallo, a Venezuelan naïf artist, in 2012 inspired me to try a new style. Some of the paintings presented reflect that style and its continuous evolution.





Twilight at Dog Beach Del Mar


Moonlight Beach Night


San Diego Beach Summer
Big Island Snorkeling
Three Whales at Seaside Reef


Spencer Beach Park
Boy and His Dog Go to the Beach
The River


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