Decorating with Large Art

So you've fallen in love with a piece of art. A big piece of art. A very very big piece of art. Now you face the question: how will it fit into your general decorating sensibility?

In fact, decorating with larger paintings and photographs is a surprisingly versatile affair. A large work of art can function as a signature piece, bringing dimension and personality to a room. It makes a statement, providing drama and bringing other elements in the room into focus. 

Whether your style is maximalist or minimalist, you can always find room for large art. 

If you live in a small, dark urban flat you might think you don't have room for large art. But a large bright abstract or landscape can add as much light as a window!  As long as you have one blank wall, you have room for one big signature piece. You can also use the image to balance another wall with a window, hanging it to reflect the light from the window to make the whole room feel brighter and more spacious.

And if you happen to have a lot of light and space and prefer an expansive, maximalist style, you can create a gallery wall with smaller works of various sizes positioned around the large work. The painting or photograph will serve as an anchor or focus for the art around it, and you can try to make connections based on colors, textures, or themes. The anchoring image helps to bring order to what otherwise might seem a random and chaotic grouping of images.

You can find space for large art anywhere in your house. Announce your aesthetic with bold éclat in a foyer or entryway. Above a sofa in a living room a statement piece can become the center of attention. Or it can provide a counterpoint to a large TV on an opposite or adjacent wall. In a kitchen or dining room large art creates a pleasant atmosphere for cooking or eating.

Purchasing large art is a big commitment, often financially, and always emotionally and aesthetically. It's a good idea to preview the image in your home. Using Artspan's Augmented Reality Live Preview you can see any artwork at scale in your own home, so you can be sure it's true love before you commit.

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