Websites to Inspire

We love these fresh, clean sites! The simplicity of the design makes the images POP, and also makes the sites easy to navigate. Though their designs are elegant and spare, these sites take advantage of all the features Artspan offers, from Social Media marketing, to Augmented Reality Live Preview, to the full-featured e-commerce package. Everything the best artist websites should have!

Janet Trierweiler

Trierweiler's site is the perfect platform for her bold abstracts. Her Artist Statement, Bio, and other pages give a rich background to her work. She connects her site to all of her social media platforms.


Pia De Girolamo

De Girolamo's home page has one bright and inviting image. In her various interior pages she includes information about past and upcoming exhibitions, as well as videos about her work. This helps to form a connection with potential buyers.

Kelly Burke

Burke's attractive fonts and colors beautifully echo her work. She also includes video interviews to help us understand her method and motivation. She, too, takes full advantage of the option to link to social media platforms.


Dianne Poinski

Poinski includes pictures of her studio and her works-in-progress to help collectors connect to her story. The warm off-white tone complements her evocative imagery. Her fonts are clean and easy-to-read, which helps to navigate her site.


Alison Chambers RBSA

The cool grey background is the perfect foil for Chambers' glowing art. She also links to her lively Facebook and Instagram sites to share more images of her work and works-in-progress.


Terri Miller

Terri Miller added an eye-catching logo to help her site stand out. She uses the gallery index page as her home page, providing an attractive invitation to explore the work in each gallery.


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