The Appeal of Simplicity

“To be simple is no small matter.” Said Gustave Flaubert. In jewelry-making, in art, and in life, simplicity can be a very complicated quality to achieve. A simple object is not necessarily easier to make; often it’s more difficult, because the artist can’t hide behind clutter and ornament. If the lines are simple, they must be perfect and pleasing. In jewelry making, simplicity shows the utmost respect for the materials, allowing a strand of metal or a single stone to command all of the attention, and to shine in all of its perfection or irregularity. Clean lines are a tribute as well to the wearer, displaying the neck or wrist to full effect.
A simple necklace or pair of earrings can be stark and daring, standing on its own, to make a bold statement. Or it can be understated, layered with other adornments to build texture and drama. Whether daring and cutting edge or elegant and sophisticated, a simple design is always fascinating and timeless. 

Labradorite is an unusual stone, revealing subtle beautiful layers of color that change with the angle from which you view it. It’s not an ostentatious stone, and it’s easily lost in an elaborate setting or when paired with more ostentatious gems. In Linda Searcy’s beautiful labradorite sterling earrings, the stones are given the full attention they deserve in a beautifully spare, well-crafted design.

Linda Austin’s single black freshwater pearl necklace gives the black pearl just enough company in the form of a small grouping of crystals on either side. Elegant, unusual and sophisticated.

Hihosilver sterling jewelry presents mother of pearl necklaces in 17 or 22 inches. The necklaces demonstrate the pleasing simplicity of stringing one type of stone in a single strand, rather than combining it with others. The beads are appealingly consistent in shape and size, and they have a lovely glowing caramel color.  

Here’s My Heart from Fairywings Jewelry and Gems is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The heart pendant is handcrafted sterling silver attached on each side to a chain made of tiny hearts. Beautiful and understated, this piece will stand out against many frillier offerings.

Metallak’s Hooked Sterling Earrings are as simple as can be. They’re made of sterling silver wire, which is gently hand-curved to make a lovely hoop. Eye-catching and bold.

CB & Co’s classic circle necklace makes use of the eternal appeal of the Circle. Because it’s so simple, each detail must be carefully executed, and the necklace has subtle, surprising texture and variation. The simple chain is hand wrapped and finished with a sterling lobster claw.

Our world is increasingly cluttered and can begin to feel overwhelming. It can be difficult to command attention in a visually noisy age.  Sometimes the best way to stand out is the simplest. Something spare and clear, a simple object, can feel like a welcome moment of peace amidst the chaos.