Shelly La Treill
Shelly La Treill's work combines different metals and glass to create a mixed media wall or window sculpture that has a unique, impressionistic flow and earthy, organic feel. Each piece tells its own story with its movement that will catch your eye from a distance and keep you engaged with the small details and textures as you near. Her standard is high-quality pieces that know no boundaries. Shelly has a lifetime of experience in art and has an arsenal of mediums and techniques learned throughout the years. Having over 25 years of experience in the designing and building of traditional stained glass, she has fine-tuned an unorthodox style of stained glass work in her own gallery and studio in Virginia over the past 17 years. With the success of her studio, SER Art will now be taking her works in a one of a kind direction as her career continues. "Lifes labyrinth is not about getting to the end but the journey on the way".