Deedee Hampton
Deedee Hampton is a diverse painter- she creates paintings in two unique styles. Her “Magic, Mirth, & Mystery Paintings” allow bold symbolic images to surface, telling stories about the inner landscape. Hampton is a storyteller and cultural commentator. She loves color, symbology and beauty. Some of her work is very personal, but much of it is a launching pad for conversations about contemporary culture and life’s shared experiences. Her series of playful “Spirit Animal Paintings” are inspired by the animals she often sees near her home in the Rocky Mountains or while traveling. For Deedee, a Spirit Animal is an animal that either shows up in the flesh in a person’s life or symbolically in dreams, meditation or images that the person feels a deep connection with. This animal (& there can be more than one) guides & inspires the person with its characteristics. The spirit animal is also metaphor, often humorous, for someone or something a person relates to or admires. Hampton’s paintings contain mandalas (spiritual energy grids) that are activated by the animal, in the background.

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