Elizabeth Dunlop
My methodology is largely improvisational. The dichroic glass sheets I have at hand and the art image in my mind will perform a dance back and forth. The medium imposes its will as much as I do, and – immersed in paradox – I allow for intentional accidents and planned surprises. While one of my creative pieces is fashioned at room temperature, the final outcome is not apparent until after the technical process of kiln-firing. The improvised collage of glass is placed in a kiln and fired to around 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, the pieces of glass begin to flow and fuse, blending shapes and colors. The intense and highly saturated colors I use are from a specially coated dichroic glass. I love combining metals such as steel, copper, bronze, and brass into levels – separated by wood. Although the glass is the main focus in my pieces, the backdrop is also an integral part of my art. I use patina products and the Arizona sunshine to create the interesting textures and shapes which emerge on some of my metals. Watercolor canvas is also used as a backdrop in some of my pieces. The richness of coppers, bronze and brass are my three favorites, but I have recently has been using a great deal of textured aluminum and steel due to the complimentary shine of these respective metals. My work has both a masculine and feminine feel to it… the masculine being the metals and the feminine being the glass. When I create I feel that each piece is made for someone specifically, and the more I can travel and get out there and people meet me and see my work I think my pieces can find their forever home that way. I have to find the appropriate niches for my work. I couldn’t replicate pieces even if I wanted to! Everyone who owns my art has a one-of-a-kind piece made just for them. I believe everyone should surround themselves with things they love in the places where they spend the most time. My intent is to fill the world – one room and/or space at a time – with pieces of art that I believe emanate positive energy, love and light in the places where they hang.

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