Richard Arfsten

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Three Queens - Evolution - By Richard Arfsten


The design starts as a maquette … a model … a 3D blueprint … of the design. It can be enlarged to any size and made of any kind of sheet metal, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, or corten steel and left to rust for a natural rust patina. This piece is fabricated in Corten steel and painted with industrial metal paint. If you decide to construct in a metal that can be painted, you have infinite color choices. The piece becomes a three dimensional canvas that can easily be changed. This way you and generations to come can be a part of an evolving creative process, if you desire. Simply wash off the environmental grime with a soapy steel wool pad, rinse with water, and let dry. Then you are ready to apply paint using a paint brush or small roller, or dip a twig into the paint and throw it just like Jackson Pollack. You cannot imagine how much fun it is - if you do not like it just put more paint on! It is like changing the color and design of your bedroom walls when trends change. This piece has lived in my back yard sculpture park for many years with many transformations. I usually put a new face on it every ten years just because I like to. The paint is still good. I love the texture that has been created from the previous compositions. It has become like a richly textured painting in a museum. Fun fun fun!! The size is 9.5'x9.5'x4' You can purchase the enlarged piece, "as is" with the current Jackson Pollack finish, or purchase the maquette and have a metal fabricator in your area build another copy of it. Or I can have it enlarged and built to your specifications and shipped to you. If you want it used over seas from the USA this is a tremendous advantage to you. You skirt around import tariffs and greatly reduce transportation costs. The rights for enlarging are not usually included in the price of the maquette. I am making an exception in this case. This is a very special piece to me since it has sentimental value to me. I will only sell this macquette ONLY if you wanted to make another copy of it. The price for the maquette ALONE is $35000 and gives you the right to have it enlarged to any size you want. It will come on a thick stone base with a polished top and rough cut sides. Please contact me for enlargement details.
114.00" h x 114.00" w x 60.00" d
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