Website Makeover: Robert Sites

The final version


Robert Sites' paintings are "...hybrids distilling life experience and observation with visual culture...Layer on layer, the result is cross-cultural dislocation, a metaphor for painting in our digital world. Traditional painting for our digital age."  His work is bright and engaging, and we thought it should have a site that best showcased the style of the work. We switched to one of our newer templates, which allows the work itself to shine. For the first image the visitor views, Sites chose an image from that shows a variety of his work on display in a gallery. It's an inviting way to show off a variety of his work in one shot. We chose colors and fonts that that were bright but sophisticated, like Site's work. We also chose a gallery display option that allows each image to occupy most of the screen, so that the viewer can take in all of the complexities of Sites' work. Finally, we moved some descriptive text about Site's work from the home page to an Artist's Statement page, so that it didn't clutter the images.

The Original