Website Makeover: Carolyn Abrams

The Final Result

Carolyn Abrams asked us for a website makeover and we were glad to oblige! Her site already looked good; she was using one of our newer templates and her site was already mobile-friendly.  We used her existing theme, but did a little work to make it cleaner and brighter. The best artist websites showcase the images  but don't distract from them, so often simplicity and clarity are the best options. Artspan sites are very user-friendly so you don't need to add a lot of  text to explain the various features. Because images are more important than text on artists' websites, we recommend that you use a minimum of various fonts on your site--one for the title, and a simpler one for the text on all of the pages and in the galleries. The text describing the images or your career should be as simple and easy-to-read as possible

We centered the picture on her home page and took out the text under it, because the information about the picture is elsewhere on the site, and the less cluttered the home page the better. We also brightened the background color to better show off Abrams' vibrant work. We made the title all caps, because it seemed more elegant and set it apart from the subtitle. We added an Instagram badge to the home page to link to her Instagram account.

The Original Design

For the interior pages of the site we cleaned up some of the fonts and spacing and wrapped the text around the artist photo, rather than having it in a separate section of the page. We adjusted some of the spacing on her CV and Bio page as well.

 If anyone would like a website makeover please contact [email protected]