Introducing Artspan's Augmented Reality

We are thrilled to announce a new innovation that will revolutionize the way people buy art: Artspan Augmented Reality.

With augmented reality people can see your art on their walls.  


How Does Augmented Reality Help With Sales?


 Buying art is not a logical decision; it is an emotional response. It is the enduring commitment of inviting something beautiful into the collector’s home. The biggest obstacle to an art sale is often the purchaser’s doubt that the artwork will fit in terms of size and aesthetic sensibility. Augmented Reality removes that doubt and increases purchaser confidence in making a decision of such lasting importance.  

 According to,  based on a survey of  1 million  people – users are 11x more likely to buy  after experiencing products in AR.   

 The  AR experience caused buyers to  stay  2.7x longer engaged  with products.   

 ALL art buyers want to know how an artwork will look on their wall.   

Now they know.   

With so many galleries closing each year, artists lose access to their old and new collectors.  “The Artspan AR platform allows artists to connect with buyers and have their work displayed exactly where it needs to be displayed – on the buyer’s wall,” says Eric Sparre, Artspan Founder. Also, large works can be more difficult to sell. “To have the exact artwork - to scale - on their wall in seconds will change everything.”  

How does it work on your site?  

  • You don’t need to add anything to your site or download an app; it’s already installed! Artspan is the only website provider to offer this feature free to all member levels.  
  •  Artspan AR requires a rear-facing camera, so it will only appear on devices such as mobile phones and tablets.   
  • It will show as a “Live Preview” button on your site. When the purchaser hits this button, they can move the device around their room,  getting an exact preview of the artwork in their home.  The prints Live Preview will show mats and frames where those have been chosen!  
  • Buyers can choose larger or smaller sizes of prints to preview. They can also preview original paintings.  
  • They can save the AR Live Preview to their phone, and share it with others via email or social media.  
  • IMPORTANT: images have to be high resolution and carefully shot. If too small (low res), you can only offer (and preview) small prints. For original artwork, you need to add the artwork dimensions for the Live Preview to work. Test the feature and see which of your prints/paintings can be previewed. Upload new image files or add dimensions where necessary.


 As online art sales continue to grow rapidly, the future is augmented reality. The process of buying art will never be the same.  Art lovers will be able to fall in love with your artwork as it looks  in their home, and they’ll  purchase your art  with confidence.  

 Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns and to tell us how much you love Augmented Reality.  If you experience problems, we  also  need to hear the details.