Adjusting to the New Art World

From the biggest art fairs and auctions to the smallest galleries, the interaction of artists and viewers has moved online. For every artist, it's time to nurture our artist website. We can discover new ways to use our sites to share our work, to spread come color, brightness, and hope to our friends, and even to make sales.


  • You can offer a virtual tour of your studio. Insert the video on a new "Studio" page on your site.
  • You can donate a percentage of your sales to the charity of your choice. 
  • You can offer gallery openings online. 
  • You can offer online classes and workshops, or host virtual painting sessions.
  • You can remind buyers about the benefits of using our Augmented Reality feature to preview your art safely in their own home.


We want to hear from you! How are you adjusting to the "new normal?" What steps are you taking to prepare your site for the increasingly virtual transaction of artist and viewer? How are you using social media? Share your suggestions, photos or videos with the Artspan community by emailing [email protected], or by commenting on our Facebook page. We'll include your best suggestions in an article on our home page and a poll on our Facebook page. Please try to get them to us by April 14.