Keywords ~ Helping Buyers Find Your Artwork

Keywords are the important words and short phrases that describe the, who, what and where about you and your artwork. They can increase your ranking in a search by how much of what someone is searching for can be found on your site. 
Take for instance someone is searching for Napa Valley Artists.
If you are an artist in Napa Valley California, but the only keywords you have listed in your general settings are, landscape painting, oil paintings, original art. That search is not going to find you.
When deciding on your keywords, think of strategic words that will lead a trail to your website by being specific. Keywords should also be continued throughout your website. For instance, your “About” page or “Artist Statement” should be as much about your art, your location, and subjects (the who, what and where) as it is about your motivation and education. Bring in those keywords!
ExampleI am a Napa Valley California based artist who studied at The California Institute Of The Arts. Landscapes of the Napa Valley region are my specialty.
 You can add keywords to your artwork’s title and description as well.
Example: You have a landscape painting of a vineyard in Napa, but your title is “Sunset In Wine Country”. You can add a subtitle like, Napa Valley Vineyard.
Notice that our example of, "Napa Valley California Artist" keywords, are threaded throughout the text, increasing the chance of being found by someone searching for a Napa Valley Artist, Napa Valley Landscape or Napa Valley Art.
If you have not already made a comprehensive keyword list to describe you, and your individual artwork, you may be missing out on a potential buyer finding you.
Artspan has made adding keywords simple. In your Site Settings, located on your control panel, simply add the keywords in the box marked Site Keywords. Place a comma after each keyword or phrase.
There is also a keyword box for each piece of artwork. This is the place to add keywords that are specific to a particular piece of artwork on your website. When selecting keywords to describe your artwork, think about what a potential buyer may be searching for. Examples: Urban Scene, Autumn Landscape, Apple Still Life, Roses, Large Abstract, Large Landscape, Bucks County Impressionist Art, LA Painter. These are very specific. Just adding landscape does not put in a select filter of the thousands of landscapes out there. By adding specific adjectives you put your artwork closer to the top of the search.

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