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Artspan members have an extra advantage for marketing their artwork.




It’s in the Art Marketplace!

Where artspan’s member artists can offer select original art and prints.









Who can have art in the Art Marketplace?

Whether you subscribe to the Basic, Professional or Professional Plus plan, you can add from 5 - 20 images to the Art Marketplace depending on which plan you have.



Why should you have art in the Art Marketplace?

 When a potential buyer clicks on artwork they like while browsing through the Art Marketplace, they will be taken to a larger view of that artwork as well as information about the art, the member artist, and a link to the member’s own website. Giving potential buyers an opportunity to see more of that artist's work.

Buyers can purchase the members artwork right in the marketplace or from the artist member's website. 



Is there a commission for selling in the Marketplace?

There is a 12% commission on artwork that is purchased in the marketplace. Artwork purchased through the members own website is commission free.




How can I get my artwork into the Art Marketplace?


Adding your art to the Marketplace could not be easier. Go to your Artwork Library on your control panel. Locate the artwork you would like featured in the Marketplace. Click on the STAR located below the image of the artwork. When the STAR turns yellow you are in. That's it!

Artwork must be for sale and designated to a category.

It can be an original or artwork offered as Prints on Demand.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for artwork to integrate into the Marketplace.





Artspan's built in tools help get you where the buyers are.



Be sure to fill out the Artist Bio information in your site settings to let buyers know a little bit about you when they click on your artwork in the Marketplace. Have a detailed description of your artwork. Include information about the subject, your technique and mediums used. Additional images of finished canvas sides or "In room" images can help make that sale. If it is framed, include images of the artwork in the frame. Changing your featured artwork from time to time can help returning visitors see more of your offerings and incourage them to want to see more.



The more of you and your artwork potential buyers see, the more likely they will buy.



Want to be able to add more art to the Marketplace?

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