Heidi Carlsen-Rogers

Ribbon of Life ( We are Connected) - Panel 1

Acrylic on Canvas

The Ribbon series is about connection - and how I believe as a whole, we are all connected together in some way and how the connection is delicate.

The ribbon is a symbol for life – how it can be elegant, graceful, tangled and overlapping at the same time. The paintings show the peaking and falling almost like a timeline.

Life is precious, fragile & important. I believe we often lose sight of this gift. The ribbon floats beside us, whether we are aware of it or not.

The association that a ribbon is traditionally used to tie around a gift, is an added layer of symbolism.

Finally, my intention is that the ribbon in each painting will always trail off the edge of the canvas. The ribbon then becomes a link that reaches outward and connects to the next ribbon or canvas.

Each painting may represent a moment or snapshot of life, but is also part of a bond that infinitely connects and joins us all together.

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