Artspan has many of the same features as those found with other artist website providers. See why Artspan is truly different & the first choice in artist websites.

  • Ecommerce package is included in all sites at no extra cost
  • Prints-on-Demand.  Artists upload hi-res images and decide on sizes and pricing for the prints.  Buyers choose mats and frames. Artspan prints, ships and handles transaction details.  Print quality is excellent. 

    Art Storefronts (ASF) trumpets their Prints feature and are charging commissions in addition to monthly fees (see below).  We were the first website builder to integrate Prints-on-Demand into our artist websites (in 2007).  And we are miles cheaper.  Neither FASO nor Squarespace have it.
  • Customize the Design.  Completely change the look of your site with a click of the mouse.  Layout, content and images are automatically transferred to the new design.  Your old designs are all saved, so you can always go back.   

    No one else seems to have this... for example, a Squarespace site has to be completely redone in order to showcase a new look.
  • Artspan Marketplace.  No other provider has a marketplace with search functions and filters that encourage the visitor to drill down and find art they love.  The individually branded artist sites work independently of the Marketplace.  Thus the artist has 2 ways to sell: to their own collectors through their site or to art lovers who don't know their work but find work they like in the Marketplace.  Searches by color, genre, medium, price, etc.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) feature is now online. This will help you sell art by placing the artwork at scale in the context of a specific room using a cell phone.   Our only competitor in this area is Art Storefronts who charge a set-up fee of $2,800 for their top plan which includes the AR feature. Augmented Reality gives a big push to sales. Houzz.com (17 million ttl users) surveyed 1 million users and found that Users are 11x more likely to buy after experiencing products in AR. Also prospects who use AR stay 2.7x longer engaged with products.
  • Artspan Support: email, live chat and phone.  See if you get anyone at Squarespace, FASO or ASF on the phone –  ASF will call you back.   FASO does have a number listed.  Squarespace does not - they only allow email or live chat support.
  • Pricing: Artspan gives you a lot more for a lot less.

    Artspan has a 30 day free trial and the three plans are all-inclusive. No extra charges for any feature.  Cost of the plans is $8.30, $16.60 and $24.90/month.  NO set-up fee.  

    FASO pricing: from $8 Intro Plan to $35/month. Free trial. No set-up.

    ASF has a set-up charge from $1,000 to $2,800 and a monthly fee of $44 to $59/month. Commissions on art sold run from 5% to 15%. 

    Squarespace: monthly fees are $8.00 to $40/month. Ecommerce enabled sites are $26 to $40. See Trustpilot for reviews. Users have found the set-up to be difficult.