Selena Valenti Fine Art

Vital Force

Oil and Acrylic on Panel

Lionfish are one of the most colorful, complex, and graceful creatures I have ever seen. Their fluid motions remind me of ballerinas, simultaneously awakening a connection on a primitive level. Unfortunately, lionfish have become an invasive species in Atlantic and Mediterranean waters due to dumping by home aquarium enthusiasts. In this new environment they breed rapidly and have no natural predators. This situation compounds the already devastating human impacts of warming waters, acidification, and overfishing on the fragile health of our oceans. Lionfish are a perfect example of why natural beauty should remain untouched. Every ecosystem is in a complex balance that has been carefully cultivated over time and human interference only disrupts this. I created “Vital Force” to remind us of the interconnected energy I see flowing through all living things and enabling our very existence.

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