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Ruby White Pansy

A small Ruby and White Pansy watercolor with a big presence of color. Growing delicate and sweet between rocks on my grandmother's patio this pansy brings memories and smiles.
Fun facts:
• Associated with memories, love, or affection.
• In the language of flowers, Viola is a symbol of innocence, modesty, and decency by the allusion of its little corolla, which seems to hesitate to leave its casket of leaves. Blue, its main color, shows fidelity. The white of the flower evokes happiness and expresses a first love or an emerging love. Looks much like a wild pansy.
• Colors include yellow, red, mahogany, blue, purple, mauve, pink, orange, white, and even black. Pansies also bear either clear or blotched flowers.
• Pansies have antimicrobial properties which mean they can help with a myriad of issues that affect our health. These can range anywhere from arthritis, skin problems, asthma, high blood pressure, and even epilepsy.

My love of the pansy brings several allegories to mind. There is not one color of pansy that is celebrated over another. Flowers don’t pick favorites. They don’t care where you grow. They are only present to shine under the sun.
The portrait of a pansy looks like a joy-filled face shining up to the sky. Bright eyes and smiling mouth facing the sun as is scrolls across the sky. Every pansy shines hope and vibrancy to even the smallest of creatures in its presence.
Without trying the pansy cross pollinates without discern and blooms with more color than imaginable. One could nearly see the array of colors God has gifted the earth with through a simple, beautiful flower.

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