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Final Episode Bearded Iris

There is an eternity of pleasure in this Final Episode Bearded Iris watercolor. Vibrancy and movement give this painting its luster and desirability.
Fun Bearded Iris Facts:
• The Iris means hope, wisdom, trust and valor, making it a great flower to have around the house. The iris has also been known to mean nobility in France and Italy as it's been long associated with royalty all throughout history.
• An Iris symbolism depends upon the color. Yellow irises symbolize passion, purple irises symbolize royalty and wisdom, blue irises symbolize faith and hope, and white irises symbolize purity.
• When ingested the Iris is a powerful liver stimulant while the root when blended can create cough syrups. The seeds were prescribed for digestive problems. The juice from fresh iris roots applied topically was once used to remove freckles and topical treatments for skin conditions like eczema and acne. With the rise of aromatherapy, the oil from irises is said to help with congestion and mood boosting.
• Typically the Iris blooms for a few short weeks a year but in warmer climates it is possible to get an additional bloom or two.
• One of my favorite fragrances is the Iris. Their scents range from orange blossom to grape soda to even chocolate but hands down are one of a kind and my first choice for a flower.

I was raised in an old farm house with the most beautiful iris garden along the side. My bedroom was on the second floor right above them. I can still imagine the fragrance they gave off and the rainbow of color they radiated today as though I was there right now.
The school year when I was a child ended early to mid-June. In appreciation to my teacher, I cut several iris stems, wrapped the bottoms in damp paper towels and tin foil, gifting that lovely bouquet to my elementary school teacher. It never occurred to me the value of those stems or the delicacy of that flower. I just knew if I received that beautiful bouquet, I would feel overjoyed!
I absolutely love finding Irises on my walks. Seeing the choices of colors one displays, the type of Iris one raises and where they decide to put them intrigues me. I love when the Iris is bordering a sidewalk, I cannot help but lean in and take a big sniff. Ah, there is nothing like it!

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