Lidia Scher Art

The Butterfly Fish

The fish in the painting above depicts the last and very important mindset: Inner Peace.

She exudes resolve derived from feeling comfortable in her own skin. Her clear eye of wisdom guides her to flow with grace and ease. An encroaching caterpillar urges the fish to get on with her transformation, and even demonstrates the process of disintegration and transformation. But the magenta-colored fish remains unperturbed, breathing joyous bubbles and spilling her happiness into the water. This fish has achieved a peace that will never leave her, regardless of the circumstances.

Flowing with the river of life, fish understands that whatever happens, no matter what appears in front of her, it all happens for her, accepting it all with eagerness. She notices the floating wings behind her but they are not yet part of her. She is present, she trusts her connection to Spirit, to her guides and protectors, and her inter-connection to all that is. She trusts that by being absolutely present and alert, she is at peace, she is happy. She patiently allows the wings to come to her.

She will transform into a Butterfly Fish because her baseline of inner peace and happiness never leaves her. She is now ready to craft her goals and watch anything she wishes come to life!

Make it yours and transform now!

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