Lidia Scher Art

The Gift

Meditating with the completed painting helped me understand that each of us is crucial to our shared world. None of us is accidental. The Gift offers the sun as a metaphor for what we take for granted yet has a defining role in our lives. The sun drives weather, ocean currents, and climate. It moves the seasons and makes plant life possible. Life on earth would not exist without the fiery star’s heat and light at the center of our galaxy. And although we may not see it on a cloudy day, we trust that it is there, marking day and night.

The magenta shapes in the foreground’s right represent humanity’s shared experience in navigating life, while a turbulent ocean peppered with glittery dots imply perceived and real perils, and the treasures to be found on the journey.

On the left we see “beings” on fire depicting an angry mob with one-sided resolve. Both groups can see the sun beyond the waves, yet depending on their personal journey, each perceives the scene differently.

Both have gifts to offer the other. Contrasts create wholeness, like the yin/yang symbol. One side can only exist because the other side does.

The Gift reminds you that you are not accidental. In fact, you are unique and important to this world and thus, you must honor your aspirations and intentions, and with presence, monitor the goals you create, inspiring the effortless manifestation of your best life!

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